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Replace your face on a frozen stream

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From the creators of the dating apps Privates and Benjamins and Ex Rated, used by many small fictional companies you’ve never heard of:

How It Works:

When an unstable internet connection causes a frozen screen, our algorithm can identify characteristics of a repulsive face and swap for a more flattering photo.

  • Multiple images
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • Soft focus filter
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What people are saying

This has helped so much during client meetings. Sometimes I find myself working from coffee shops with bad connections, just because I look so much better while buffering.

Kids are so cruel, and they’re always making fun of how I look while teaching remotely. This allows me to look my best and focus on educating ineffectively the youth. From my couch.

Client Story


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Get Buffer Face Pro

By upgrading to a Buffer Face Pro account, you get a number of features unavailable to standard users.

  • Real time blemish removal
  • Audio filters to make your voice sound better, too.
  • Popup that blames other users for the poor connection

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