We’re more than just a bunch of stock photos of happy people.

Who We Are

A Better Cult

Joining a cult has carried a ton of baggage, traditionally. We’re planning to change that. No poisoning salad bars. No mass suicides. Fewer Rolls Royces. Better Shoes. Nicer robes.

We just want to live in a beautiful place with other people that we like, and we want to be really far away from all of the shitty people that live near us now.

Our Community

We’re inclusively exclusive, so we can be surrounded by people that we like.

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Our Environment

We just want a chunk of land with acres between us and a bunch of jerks.

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Our Fashion

We’re open to wearing robes, as long as they’re comfortable, and have pockets.

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Our Goal

We want a big parcel of land – somewhere beautiful – paid for by someone else.

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Ask us about starting a cult for fun and prophet

We’re not really interested in answering your questions. We’re more interested in taking your money. But feel free to write us about giving us money. We’ll respond to that.


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